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Associate Professor Prem RashidThe Third Edition of Prostate Cancer – Your Guide to The Disease, Treatment Options and Outcomes.

Congratulations on your commitment to seeking more information about this condition which affects so many men around the world. I can only assume that either you, or someone close to you, needs to know about prostate cancer and you hope to increase your knowledge about the condition. This book is an in-depth, yet simple to follow guide.

An earlier book I co-authored, Your Prostate – Questions Answered, was written to simplify this very complicated topic. My aim then was to help someone with no prior information about this disease develop a clear understanding.

The First Edition of Prostate Cancer – Your Guide to The Disease, Treatment Options & Outcomes was released in August 2003 by the Deputy Prime Minister. After that came the Second Edition in 2006 launched by the Federal Minister of Health. All along, we continue to experience significant changes in the technologies that have developed. In addition, the way we think about this disease continues to evolve. It seemed time again re-work the book and update the material. Once again, I have endeavoured to review the current state of information to present as balanced a view as I can. Hopefully, I have achieved that goal.

This book is written in several parts. Initially, as a background to the prostate gland itself and what constitutes cancer, specifically, prostate cancer. Beyond that, some of the options offered for the treatment of this condition in its various stages, including the advantages and disadvantages of the treatments involved. I also have been fortunate to be able to interview some very experienced doctors in the treatment of prostate cancer and I thank them sincerely for their involvement. The information they have provided has enhanced my insight about different views. Another helpful part of the book, I feel, are the interviews I did with men actually dealing with prostate cancer in all its variety. Admittedly, these were men who were willing to talk about their experience and therefore represent a select, even biased, group. You will see, however, that I did not select men based on their treatment outcomes.


I am pleased to provide the foreword for this third edition. Since the publication of the first & second editions, prostate cancer continues to be even more firmly established, and recognised, as a key health problem for men.

Once again, Associate Professor Prem Rashid has produced an updated text that will continue to have considerable appeal, and benefit to men either diagnosed with, or concerned about, prostate cancer.

Our ability to diagnose prostate cancers at an earlier stage offers considerable promise. However, with that promise also comes uncertainty. The uncertainty is whether a cancer will, in the lifespan of a man, present a significant threat to his life and well being. We all wish that there was greater clarity but this continues not to be the case at the present time. Men continue to grapple with the uncertainties associated with our current in ability to predict the behaviour of a particular cancer.

This book sets out the issues very clearly; it takes into account the human side of the problem and how men manage these uncertainties. Its strength is its practical and focused approached to the problem. I believe that this third edition will continue to be an extremely valuable resource for men confronted either, with the possibility of prostate cancer, or coping with the diagnosis, and then, the treatment decisions.

Villis Marshall MBBS MD FRACS AC Senior Urologist & Clinical Professor of Surgery, University of Adelaide

About A/Prof Prem Rashid

A/Professor Prem Rashid started the Port Macquarie Urology Centre in 1998, having trained in Perth, Adelaide and Cardiff, UK. The Centre has rapidly grown to become a referral centre for urological care.

He has written extensively, specialising in ‘patient guide books’ focusing on bladder difficulties and prostate conditions with ‘Prostate Cancer – Your Guide to the Disease, Treatment Options and Outcomes’ now in its 3rd edition. It has become a reference book for counselors who use it in educating men, and their families, when faced with this condition. He has also written ‘Bladder Care – Your Self Help Guide.’

His works have been endorsed by the New Zealand Continence Association, Continence Foundation of Australia, Urological Society of Australia & New Zealand, Andrology Australia and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

A/Prof Rashid has published in peer reviewed medical journals on prostate cancer and other urological conditions. He is actively involved in Advanced Urological Training, Accreditation and Education being Chair of the Board of Urology (2012-2014).

He holds a Conjoint Associate Professorship at the University of NSW and is an Editorial Advisory Board member of the Virtual Cancer Centre. He is an Associate of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers, Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) and is a current member of the Court of Examiners, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He is a Paul Harris Fellow (Rotary International).

He holds memberships of the Urological Society of Australia & New Zealand, Société Internationale D’Urologie, Endourological Society, Continence Foundation of Australia and International membership of the American Urological Association & European Association of Urology.