Comments by Reviewers

The book includes the stories of several men who have been confronted with prostate cancer. There is a high likelihood that a reader will be able to identify with some of these, enabling a higher level of understanding and comfort, in the decision making process.
Dr Andrew Brooks, Urologist, Sydney
Essential reading for the prostate cancer patient and his family. This book covers all the prostate cancer issues in an easy to read, informative and unbiased approach. Well informed patients will find it provides all the information they require to make an informed decision about the best treatment for their individual circumstances.
Dr Paul Cozzi, Urologist, Sydney
Faced with a bewildering range of management choices, the man who has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer understandably, feels insecure, even if his life is not immediately threatened. This very readable book goes a long way towards providing the help such a man requires.
Professor Jim Denham, Radiation Oncologist, Newcastle
Counselling sessions that urologists undertake with patients recently diagnosed with prostate cancer are often lengthy, and it is in order to benefit the patient’s decision making process, that this book has been written.
A/Professor Mark Frydenberg, Urologist, Melbourne
Men diagnosed with prostate cancer and their families face the onerous task of absorbing and sorting through an enormous amount of information about the disease and the wide range of treatment options available. This book is an invaluable resource that will help these men to participate in their health care in an informed and proactive way.
Dr Rosie King, Sexual Health Physician, Sydney
A/Prof Rashid’s book will be of great use. It continues to be up to date, easy to understand and will help men and their partners to know more about prostate problems. I’m sure it will be well used.
Dr Peter Mactaggart, Urologist, Brisbane
I compliment A/Prof Rashid for continuing to bring together, both the scientific and human touch in this book. To provide a resource for the many men, who will continue to be challenged, by the unanswered questions that exist with regard to prostate cancer. The importance of such a contribution is highlighted by the fact that prostate cancer, is currently, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and, the second most common cause of cancer death.
Professor Villis Marshall, Urologist, Adelaide
Prostate cancer can have a significant impact on the quality of life of men. This well structured compendium will answer a lot of questions, and provide scientific data that should resolve a lot of misconceptions.
Dr Z Stan Wisniewski, Urologist, Perth
This book has become an essential resource for all of my patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. Readable and relevant information as such empowers men and their partners to play an active role in treatment decisions.
A/Professor Henry Woo, Urologist, Sydney
The diagnosis of prostate cancer can be an emotional time and treatment decision making is often a daunting task for patients. This book provides the informational support that many patients, and their families, require in order to reduce uncertainty and the distress associated with this.
Dr Addie Wootten, Clinical Psychologist, Melbourne