List of Reviewers

The following expert panel agreed to assist in the preparation of the drafts of this book. Some were involved in first and/or second editions. I welcome further experts to this third edition. Their individual assistance and involvement, either by agreeing to be interviewed, or reviewing the manuscript, was invaluable.

Dr Mohan Arianayagam
Dr Nader Awad
Dr Stephen Begbie
Dr John Bolt
Dr Andrew Brooks
Dr Joseph Bucci
Prof Suzanne K Chambers
Dr Christopher Chee
Mr Peter W Clark
Prof Ronnie Cohen
Prof Anthony Costello
Dr Paul Cozzi
Ms Helen Crowe
Dr Paul de Souza
Mr Robert Davies
Prof Warick Delprado
Prof Jim Denham
Mr Peter Dornan AM
Prof Gillian Duchesne
Dr David Eisinger
A/Prof Mark Frydenberg
Dr Michelle Fulton
Prof R A Frank Gardiner
Mr Max Gardner AM (dec.)
Dr Alexander (Sandy) Grant
A/Prof Oliver Hakenberg
Dr Peter Heathcote
Dr Michael Izard ADM
Dr Phillip Katelaris
Dr David Kerle
Dr Rosie King
Dr Shane LaBianca
Dr Andre Lalak
Dr Enzo Lazzaro
Dr William Lynch
Dr Iain MacLeod
Dr Peter Mactaggart
Dr Sarah McKinnon
Dr Nicholas P McLeod
Prof Irena Madjar
Prof Villis Marshall AC
Dr John Miller
Ms Sylvia Milner
Dr Mark Morrissey
Prof David Nicol
Dr Manish Patel
Dr Carole Pinnock
A/Prof Peter Reed OAM
Mrs Pam Sandoe OAM
Mr David Sandoe OAM
Mr Shomik Sengupta
A/Prof Tom Shakespeare
Dr Ken Sikaris
Dr Phillip Sprott
A/Prof Phillip Stricker
Dr Rod Studd
Dr Jeff Thavaseelan
Mrs Gail Tingle
The Hon John Tingle
Dr Alastair Tulloch
Dr Sandra Turner
Dr Justin Vass
Dr Z Stan Wisniewski
A/Prof Henry Woo
Dr Glen Wood
Dr Addie Wootten
Dr John Yaxley